RFL "Parenting Sessions  & Youth Mentoring Programs"

Basic Etiquette & Financial Literacy
 John & Madeline Zackery  
Using proven techniques and real life experiences, youth learn etiquette geared toward developing social skills,
money management, and job readiness. 

Artistic Expression
 Toshiba Jackson
By using art and trending topics, these classes encourage youth to express themselves, learn about health, and cope with stress. 

College Preparatory Program
 Al Shirley
By fostering an environment of self-empowerment and personal accountability while cultivating an expectancy of completing college, students proactively learn how to prepare for college and the life skills required for successful college completion and personal/professional growth.

Communication/Coping Skill
Bridgette Ratliff

Drew Anderson

“What Is The Ready For Life Program  ”

Life Skills Workshops ,offers options and skill sets that focus on positive communication within the family and social units that will deter maladaptive behavior choices in efforts to prevent substance abuse and/or gang violence involvement 
​(both outside and inside the home). 

​The complete program would includes classes, meals, parental communication skills, and community involvement. Teens that go through the program discover life skills, how to communicate effectively and identify healthy relationships so they can incorporate these fundamental skills into their daily lives. These basic core relationships are the foundation from which teens draw their strengths. The Life Skills Workshops and Parent Education Programs are essential in order to create stable and resilient home environments in the lives of youth. 

Ready for life mentoring and meal program  will offers youth  the opportunity to receive life skill enrichment instruction and the option to participate in family / personal empowerment activities that allow each participant to enhance the quality of their life. With special emphasis to our target population – up to 18 youth, Ready for life mentoring and meal program will make available programs and services that meet the identified needs of the overall community.In the Youth Outreach component of the Ready for Life Program, session topics presented will include; life skills, character development, health & wellness, job readiness, career awareness and additional trainings that allow participants to sustain strong family units as parents, students, and positive contributing community members. Activities include; educational enhancement, inter generational interactions, life nrichment events, focus groups, volunteerism, financial empowerment, leadership, support groups, computer literacy, outreach services, advocacy, and youth-led community presentations. 

"Mentoring Youth, Providing Meals & Enriching Lives"in Maricopa  Think FAMILIES fIRST



​mentoring youth, providing meals & enriching lives in Maricopa

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"New Parent Sessions "Parent Talk "
We provide Parenting Skills Workshop” teaching parents effective communication, teen brain development, how to prevent powers struggles and understanding their parenting style.

True Colors Communications 
ShaRon Rea
Proven methods encouraging parents and youth to communicate better. Youth and parents discover life skills, how to communicate effectively and identify healthy relationships so they can incorporate these fundamental skills into their daily lives.