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Join our Team ! In order to be a pulsating, forward-thinking organization for today and tomorrow, Families First Community Development Corporation  seeks to serve as an engaging advocate for all citizens by making  needed programs, resources and services available as well as centralized.  With city leadership and community members aligned as solid supporters of our effort, we can better achieve our projected outcomes. Foremost of those outcomes to sustain stronger family units.
While endeavoring to keep the family unit together by offering programs that  create a stable home and community for upcoming generations, the Families First Community Development Corporation (FFCDC) consistently research and support opportunities that lay seeds of positive change toward the continuous campaign to save our families.   Each program offered by FFCDC  is designed to facilitate a strategy from which participants can rebuild and reposition the family unit so that there is to be hope for the future parents of tomorrow and their families. We envision a community unwavering in its efforts to sustain a healthy, positive home environment for the children of today who will become parents of tomorrow. FFCDC is committed to cultural family diversity by the installation of policies that embrace all ethnicities and races in the delivery of our program and services. We  work as a seamless collective body to ensure that differences are recognized and celebrated rather than being tolerated. With regards to those individuals who lack resources needed to maintain a positive home environment for their families, FFCDC  work tirelessly to develop and move forward comprehensive approaches that effectively respond to the major social issues identified in the city of Maricopa, the city of Phoenix, and the greater East Valley community.


Families First CDC started with Pastors Brian and Yolanda Ewing who saw a need to create a program for young teens that lack parent supervision.
 It is their desire to build a bridge that would provide a support system that can lead this targeted population to a place where endless opportunities exist regardless of their current situation.
 The couple has a work experience of 35 years, a wealth of knowledge in the areas of counseling, leadership training, management and operating nonprofit organizations. Many of their clients expressed positive results from services provided.
 The inspiration behind this organization came from personal childhood experiences, 20 years of marriage, being parents, along with having grandchildren in a blended family setting.
 Brian and Yolanda counsel many people who have suffered as children and during their sessions those same clients shared a strong desire to be in a positive family and home environment.
Another desire expressed by these individuals is to have supportive mentors who will help them as they make challenging life decisions.
 However, many of Pastors Brian and Yolanda's clients confess, a lack of positive guidance in their life contributes to the pitfalls of being vulnerable to conditions of abuse, drugs, alcohol, gang violence, prostitution, stealing and incarceration.




We will educate, empower and encourage family units to achieve a better quality of life by providing life enhancement programs and  resources .

We ENVISION a community filled with strong family units working together to design, build and maintain a solid foundation for the current and future generations. Our Families First Village will be that community dedicated to embracing the family as an interchangeable but collective unit. It will be a community that identifies critical needs then in response implements quality programs and key services. That same community will cultivate partnerships and support collaborations all in a well-defined effort to draw attention on the strengths of the family unit.


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